Re: removal of XAP_App pointers from XAP_Frame API (breakage)

From: Jordi Mas <>
Date: Thu Jan 26 2006 - 17:30:42 CET

En/na Tomas Frydrych ha escrit:

> I have removed various pointers to XAP_App from the API of XAP_Frame and
> its relations, and made it use XAP_App::getApp(). I attempted to fix the
> most obvious places in win32 and cocoa code, but the changes are fairly
> pervasive so there is going to be breakage; I appologise to the
> maintainers, but this change was long overdue, as the current codebase
> mixing the use of XAP_App::getApp() with pointers passed from who knows
> where is just too much of mess.
> There are other classes that expect XAP_App pointers on construction,
> and we should gradually fix those as well.

Thanks Tomas. I have just fixed the win32 build

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CVS: af/xap/win/xap_Win32Dlg_FontChooser.cpp
CVS: af/xap/win/xap_Win32Dlg_MessageBox.cpp
CVS: af/xap/win/xap_Win32FrameImpl.cpp wp/ap/win/ap_Win32App.cpp
CVS: wp/ap/win/ap_Win32Dialog_FormatTOC.cpp
CVS: wp/ap/win/ap_Win32Dialog_MetaData.cpp
CVS: wp/ap/win/ap_Win32LeftRuler.cpp
CVS: wp/ap/win/ap_Win32StatusBar.cpp wp/ap/win/ap_Win32TopRuler.cpp
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