Re: Portable AbiWord - Command Line Issues

From: John T. Haller <>
Date: Fri Jan 13 2006 - 18:16:35 CET

Tomas Frydrych wrote:
> John T. Haller wrote:
>> I think a simple commandline option would probably be the best bet.
> There is a --userprofile / -u option already -- just run AbiWord with
> option --help for details.

I did some testing and discovered a few things about these two options.

Either option will work just fine when done as follows:

abiword.exe --userprofile "D:\PortableAbiWord\settings\AbiWord.profile"
abiword.exe -u "D:\PortableAbiWord\settings\AbiWord.profile"

The help seems to indicate the --userprofile= will work as well, but
this is not the case entirely. While the following works fine:

abiword.exe --userprofile=AbiWord.profile

Using a quoted path will not. Quoting it as one would expect:

abiword.exe --userprofile="D:\PortableAbiWord\settings\AbiWord.profile"

actually yields no settings file created. Quoting it at all with
--userprofile= seems to cause it to fail. As such, it will not work
with a path with spaces in it since, for example:

abiword.exe --userprofile=D:\PortableAbiWord\set tings\AbiWord.profile

Results in a settings file created called D:\PortableAbiWord\set

I didn't find a bug mentioning this, so I'll file one unless someone
else can point out something I'm doing wrong.

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