Re: Portable AbiWord

From: John T. Haller <>
Date: Wed Jan 11 2006 - 20:56:36 CET

Alan Horkan wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Jan 2006, John T. Haller wrote:

>>Eventually handing it off and having it be a part of the official
>>AbiWord build process would be a nice end-goal. I can think of a few
>>things we should probably add first, though (like a commandline switch
>>to point AbiWord to a different directory to get its settings rather
>>than faking a USERPROFILE variable in the launcher.. which causes side
>>effects) so the more official version is nice and solid.
> If there isn't already a request for this and you need to file one please
> do add me to the CC list. Maybe it a command line flag is more than
> is really needed at it might even be enough even for abiword to
> check the same directory as the binary for a profile (hell maybe that si
> already possible, I'd better go try and read the code).

I'd recommend a commandline or environment variable option (Gaim, for
instance, checks GAIMHOME) over having it in the app directory. Some
folks like to split the binaries from the profiles and the Portable Apps
Suite does this by default. (the PortableApps folder contains an Apps
subfolder and a Data subfolder for binaries and settings/profile
respectively) It also makes upgrades a lot easier as their settings are
all in one common place.

There are two bugs regarding portability:

I think a simple commandline option would probably be the best bet. I
can file that as a new feature request with details and examples from
other apps if desired. (I'm awaiting my bugzilla confirm email now)

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