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From: Martin Sevior <msevior_at_physics.unimelb.edu.au>
Date: Thu Apr 27 2006 - 01:40:39 CEST

Hi everyone,
            The AbiWord project has been accepted by the Google Summer
of Code.



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Hi Martin,

Thank you for your application. We would welcome the opportunity to
work with AbiWord for Summer of Code 2006. Would you please designate
an organization administrator(s) and email me back with their Google
Account information? I will then send back instructions for updating
the site.


On 4/22/06, msevior@physics.unimelb.edu.au
<msevior@physics.unimelb.edu.au> wrote:
> Dear Summer of Code supervisors,
> The AbiWord project wishes to participate
> in the Google Summer of Code project for
> 2006.
> I, Martin Sevior, will act as the administrator for the AbiWord project.
> The following very experienced developers have offered to be Mentors for
> Students.
> Martin Sevior
> Dom Lachowicz
> Tomas Frydrych
> Marc Maurer
> We have placed a number of potential projects on our wiki.
> http://www.abisource.com/twiki/bin/view/Abiword/SummerOfCode
> If students come up with really interesting "Blue Sky" projects the
> Mentoring team will evaluate them and decide if they are suitable.
> I've cut and pasted the contents of the website below so you don't have to
> click. I think there are a variety of really interesting projects that
> take document creation and collaboration into interesting new paradigms.
> Cheers!
> Martin Sevior
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> 1. Integrate AbiWord with dashboard and beagle.
> Last year Martin wrote the AbiDash? plugins which sends clues and
> notifications to the dashbaord program. Dashboard is a really interesting
> project which runs in the background in a spare piece of screen
> real-estate. As different programs gain focus they send "clue packets"
> which describe what the user is currently doing. Dashboard integrates with
> the beagle search engine and that the clues and performs searchs through
> the beagle index. It attempts to find relevent files and relevent pieces
> of text that could help the user with their current document.
> So for example, if a user is employing AbiWord to write an essay on
> Shakespear's Midsummer Night, the dashboard program would search through
> the users documents looking for both relevent documents and relevent parts
> of the documents to what is being typed and presents the user with useful
> information without the user having to do any explicit searchs. So imagine
> relevent parts of the "Midsummer's Night's dream" appearing in dashbaord
> as I write my essay. Or if I'm writin a technical paper I get references
> to previous work in dashbaord as I type in Abiword.
> Both dashbaord and beagle are written in mono. This project may well make
> a useful joint project between the AbiWord, beagle and mono communities.
> I personally think that this is a very exciting project that will take the
> desktop experience to a whole new level of productivity. Martin plus
> beagle/dashboard guy to Mentor.
> 2. Help with the AbiCollab project.
> The AbiCollab project enables users to work collaboratively on the same
> document by immediately broadcasting changes from different Abiword
> sessions around a peer-to-peer network. The basic functionality and first
> order corrections for internet lag have been implemented and shown to
> work. Abiword sessions on different sides of the planet (Australia and
> Holland), (Australia and the USA) have been connected and typing, deleting
> and changes within the documents are transported to the remote documents.
> The first order corrections to internet lag allow the documents to remain
> in sync even if the users type and delete as rapidly as they can. In
> addition the usual word processing features like text
> fonts/style/tables/bullet points etc all get transmitted correctly to the
> remote document.
> However there is tons of work left to do here. If someone is interested
> please us know and we'll find a piece of the project that would be
> suitable for a SoC? project. Martin and Marc to mentor.
> 3. Complete the PangoGraphics? class.
> Lots of work left to do here. Tomas has offered to mentor this.
> 4. Implement a Cairo graphcis class.
> Cario is a next generation, platform independent, 2-D dimension graphics
> system. Cario offers sub-pixel text positioning and a variety of other
> tasty features. Implementing a cross platform solution to our graphics
> class would also reduce the effort of maintaining our 3 different targets.
> Tomas to mentor.
> 5. Come up with a UI suitable for the OLPC project. The OLPC project is
> aimed explicitly at children and the computer screen are either 640x480 or
> 800x600. Our current UI is not optimum for this evironment. This project
> would be to find a UI that works for OLPC.
> 6. Various enhancements to abiWord.
> 6.1 Implement "comments". This would resuse/extend our current
> footnote/endnote code to embed text within a document. Martin could
> supervise/mentor this.
> 6.2 Implement Repeating Table rows on different pages. Martin could
> supervise/mentor this.
> 6.3 Implement "previews" of document. The idea is to display the first 1/2
> or 1/3 of the first page of each document once the user selects a document
> in the file browser. there are a number of ideas on how to do this. Martin
> could supervise/mentor this.
> 7 Implement a C API for some of AbiWord's more interesting internals. Dom
> can mentor this
> 7.1) Use SWIG + that C API to generate language bindings (Python, Perl,
> etc.) Dom to mentor.
> 8 Perhaps use 7/7.1 (or a custom plugin) to integrate Abi with DBUS. A
> first attempt might be to export all of Abi's EV_EditMethods over DBUS via
> a plugin. Dom to mentor.
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