Re: commit: Fix rounding errors when printing on gnome.

From: <>
Date: Sun Sep 18 2005 - 03:14:38 CEST

>> This confirms that we need sub-pixel on screen positioning in order to
>> get
>> high quality onscreen display of text.
> That is the purpose of uwog patch that I would like to see integrated
> into the tree right after 2.4 release.

I don't think it would. All we need to do is position the chars ON SCREEN
at a fraction of a pixel. That's the only difference when using the
unixgnomeprint graphics class. When we do that the text is beautifully

>> Maybe Cairo can give this to us.
> Would still require the above.

I disagree.

> The only thing cairo would bring is a single graphic layer for all
> platform, with SVG rendering including for printing, etc.

That is another thing it would give us. I have no idea what the
performance penalty will be though. /me swears to look through the cairo
API Real Soon Now.



> This is the second step, and I'd love to have that done.
> Hub
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