Re: Proposed fix for #8001 RFC

From: Robert Staudinger <>
Date: Mon May 30 2005 - 14:49:46 CEST

On 5/30/05, Roland Kay <> wrote:
> The result of this approach would be that if the two
> documents have different "Normal" styles defined then
> copying "Normal" text from one document to the other would
> result in the text adopting the style of the target
> document. That seems like reasonable behaviour to me.
> In the case, where a style exists in the source document but
> not the target document we'd have a couple of options:
> 1, Paste it with style set to "None".
> 2, Implicitly import that style only.
> 3, Paste it with style set to "Normal" (or "None" if no normal).
> 4, Adopt a nearby style.

I think that the user would be least surprised when, after e.g.
copying a 12pt "Normal" paragraph to a 10pt "Normal" document, the
12pt font-size would be maintained. Maybe it would be possible to keep
the original "Normal" style and just change the local font-size of the
paragraph. I see that this might be a bit more work because the style
properties have to be applied to the text (paragraph, span ...) before
it is inserted.

Styles that don't exist in the target doc should be imported IMO.

- Rob
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