Re: RFC: strategy for merging the N770 changes

From: <>
Date: Sun May 29 2005 - 00:15:30 CEST

> Hi everyone,
> I have been thinking about how to get the N770 changes into the main
> tree; personally, I would like to see this done before we release 2.4,
> even if means delaying the release. By the time N770 is unleashed on the
> world 2.4 should be our stable release, and I would like us to be able
> to show it of on it; having it in 2.4 from day one seems to make sense
> to me. (Others might feel otherwise, and we need to weigh the pros and
> cons.)
> I think the first necessary step, whatever the timetable, is to get the
> port into our CVS. Since the N770 port is based on 2.2.7, a best
> starting place would seem to me to be a 2.2.7_n770 branch, and merging
> things in that branch. Once it is done, we would have the option of
> merging that back into STABLE, and forward-porting into HEAD (although
> realistically, merging it back into stable seems uncessary if do this
> before 2.4 and meaningless after 2.4). Others might have better
> suggestions; CVS is not my niche.

The two step process makes sense. Get the code into CVS first. After that
I think we should merge their changes into CVS-HEAD. Hopefully with their

If their their freeze date is late enough they get to use the latest and
greastest AbiWord otherwise their fallback is the port of 2.2.7.

AbiWord-2.2.7 has only been out for about 1 month so I suspect it will not
be too hard for them to get their changes merged into CVS-HEAD. The speed
with which they acheived this says a lot for the quality of their hackers.
Well done guys!

AbiWord is a high momentum project and by far the best way to keep up with
us is to get their build merged into the mainstream. Hopefully we can
workout a configure flag --with-maemo which will generate the correct
makefiles to build their target.

(Says me looking in the general direction of fjf our auto-* maestro.)


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