Re: RFC: strategy for merging the N770 changes

From: Ryan Pavlik <>
Date: Sat May 28 2005 - 18:31:21 CEST

Tomas Frydrych wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>I have been thinking about how to get the N770 changes into the main
>tree; personally, I would like to see this done before we release 2.4,
>even if means delaying the release. By the time N770 is unleashed on the
>world 2.4 should be our stable release, and I would like us to be able
>to show it of on it; having it in 2.4 from day one seems to make sense
>to me. (Others might feel otherwise, and we need to weigh the pros and
>I think the first necessary step, whatever the timetable, is to get the
>port into our CVS. Since the N770 port is based on 2.2.7, a best
>starting place would seem to me to be a 2.2.7_n770 branch, and merging
>things in that branch. Once it is done, we would have the option of
>merging that back into STABLE, and forward-porting into HEAD (although
>realistically, merging it back into stable seems uncessary if do this
>before 2.4 and meaningless after 2.4). Others might have better
>suggestions; CVS is not my niche.
Though I am not sure how much help I'd be, here's my opinion. I think
it could be both a powerful capability and a great PR opportunity.
Being one of the first office apps with an "official" port to
Hildon/N770 would probably draw a lot of attention to the 2.4 release,
especially from those who may have been converted to OO.o back in the
day or those who still use MS Office but want to use the same software
on their desktop PC and N770 (which is an incredibly remarkable
capability of AbiWord).

A major (well, minor in ver number) release is higher-profile than a
mid-series release with such a great new port, so I support Hildon/Maemo
for 2.4.
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