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From: Luca Padovani <>
Date: Mon May 23 2005 - 19:55:44 CEST

Hi Marc, Martin, All,

I successfully made the Gtk dependencies optional in gtkmathview. In
other words, it is _not_ necessary any more to have gtk installed in
order to compile and install the backend-independent part of
gtkmathview. This basically reduces the explicit required dependencies

- glib (mainly used for unicode manipulation. I had a previous version
working with iconv instead, but the glib API is way cleaner)
- libxml2 (MathML parsing)

To try the abimathview plugin configure gtkmathview with


(None of these options is required, but the compilation will take less

To use the Computer Modern fonts (recommended) you need to make them
visible, the exact procedure may vary depending on your system. I just
copied the TrueType fonts in ~/.fonts. The basic fonts can be downloaded

(a Debian package also exists), however these are just very basic fonts
while much more are available and configurable to be used in
gtkmathview, for example at

(you'll be able to find a mirror searching for bakoma from

To let gtkmathview know about the installed fonts, uncomment the lines


with the names of the fonts. By default only the basic set of fonts is

Hope I haven't forgotten anything important. I will test gtkmathview
HEAD for a few more days and then will release 0.7.0. If, in the
meantime, I receive feedback about improvements and bugs, I'll be happy
to look at them.


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