Re: From Luca, Maths In AbiWord.

From: Luca Padovani <>
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 22:15:15 CEST

Hello Martin,

On Fri, 2005-05-20 at 23:16 +1000, wrote:
> [ y = \frac{\alpha}{x} + \beta \]
> Which renders nicely except for the alpha nd beta which rectangles on screen.
> This may well be a bug with how my fonts are configured on my system.

I'd say your abiword is not finding the Computer Modern Fonts, because I
can see the greek letters correctly. Just to make an experiment, try
whether you can select the


font from the font list and type ' (single quote). You should see a phi.

BTW, I saw some posts in the past days about a feature for previewing a
font directly in the font list, and I seem to have updated abiword while
that feature was on. It is very bad for math because in math fonts you
usually don't have latin letters, or they're in nonstandard positions,
so in the font list, instead of the font name displayed in the font
itself, you only get very weird symbols (like pieces of the integral
sign, pieces of the square root) which also have weird metrics, with
"funny" effects on the list at the very minimum.

The fact that you haven't noticed this effect is another clue that makes
me suspect you're not currently seeing computer modern fonts.

Somehow surprisingly, on my debian I only had to copy the .ttf files in
the ~/.fonts directory, that was it.

Last, a warning: gtkmathview's gone through a massive repository
cleanup, a few more classes added, a few removed, and the configuration
file completely redesigned. Although everything seems fine on my
machine(s), I wouldn't be surprise to hear of decrease of stabiliy (like
if I hadn't reached the bottom already...). I'll be resync the
abimathview plugin this weekend.

All the best

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