commit: abi (BOTH): CocoaAbi fancy fonts & TOC dialog

From: Francis James Franklin <>
Date: Thu Mar 31 2005 - 23:07:54 CEST

Hi Y'All,

Since fancy new font menu items display a frighteningly short half
life, I have felt motivated to finish working on a similar idea that I
have been thinking about for a couple of months. Basically this has
font family names in one pop-up button (as per usual) and the members
of that font family in a second pop-up button. Wary of the disturbingly
volatile nature of the standard UI, I have confined this to the Tool

Difficult to get an exciting screen shot, but here's a slightly amusing
one for you:

(Using the fonts' own fonts for display is not as elegant in a pop-up
as it is in a menu. I may change this later, or at least make it

We really do need to work on an xp solution, but for the moment this
will do for me.

o ap_Dialog_FormatTOC.cpp: fix crash in updater when no frames are open
o CocoaAbi:
- mostly implement the TOC dialog
- Tool Palette: display font family and member names in own fonts
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CVS: src/af/xap/cocoa/xap_CocoaToolPalette.h
CVS: src/af/xap/cocoa/
CVS: src/af/xap/cocoa/xap_CocoaToolPalette.nib/classes.nib
CVS: src/af/xap/cocoa/xap_CocoaToolPalette.nib/info.nib
CVS: src/af/xap/cocoa/xap_CocoaToolPalette.nib/keyedobjects.nib
CVS: src/wp/ap/cocoa/ap_CocoaDialog_FormatTOC.h
CVS: src/wp/ap/cocoa/
CVS: src/wp/ap/cocoa/ap_CocoaDialog_FormatTOC.nib/keyedobjects.nib
CVS: src/wp/ap/xp/ap_Dialog_FormatTOC.cpp

Regards, Frank
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