Re: AbiWord is too buggy for Bonita

From: Jordi Mas <>
Date: Sun Mar 20 2005 - 20:27:55 CET

> The TOC dialog doesn't seem to work very well. One
> thing I've noticed
> is that the heading styles disappear after selecting
> new ones and they
> revert back to the defaults on startup. There may be
> other problems
> with other controls too, but I haven't really tested
> it extensively
> because I thought it was still unfinished.

The TOC dialog is a large dialog box. It is not finished yet and it has not
been really tested on win32. Basic options should work, but that's all.

> Also, have you had any time to work on adding the list
> folding tab (I
> know, dialogs are a pain :))? Other than those two
> dialog additions, I
> think Bug 6085 may be the most serious win32 bug that
> isn't currently
> being looked at.

I'll look into this one.


Jordi Mas i Hernāndez
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