Re: Redo consistent keybindings for all. Ctrl+Shift+Z

From: Kenneth J. Davis <>
Date: Tue Mar 15 2005 - 14:16:30 CET

Alan Horkan wrote:
> This leaves only Windows as the odd one out and I think at this stage it
> would be best to keep Abiword consistent with Abiword than keep using the
> old Microsoft keybinding only on windows.
> What do people think?

On Windows, the standard conventions that just about every other
application uses should be used unless there is a really, and I mean
really, good reason to differ.

As an example, consider Lotus Notes (at least version 4 & 5, I don't
know about 6), it had the exact same UI on all its platforms, and it was
  horrible (it was on several UI hall of shames). Sure you can use it,
and get used to it, but initially it was just different; not a problem
for those of us who find computers easy to use anyway, but someone such
as my parents, it would take a lot of effort to learn it if they ever
could; and isn't our goal still to 'Just Work' for the 'Church
Secretary' type?

To reiterate and clarify my point, we should always match the platform
1st and ourselves second. Any deviation from platform norms/guides
should be heavily considered, especially if it changes our already
establed key bindings. Obviously items that aren't common or
standardized across applications we should try to be consistent with
ourselves, but Undo and Redo do NOT fall into this catagory.

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