ATTN: Enchant 1.1.6 released

From: Dom Lachowicz <>
Date: Sun Mar 13 2005 - 21:24:38 CET

A new version of Enchant - everybody's favorite
spell-checking meta-library - is ready for the masses.
Despite the middle "1" version number, this is a quite
stable release - perhaps the most stable and
fully-featured to date. After a few weeks of kicking
the tires, this will probably get promoted to 1.2.0.

Currently supported spell-checking backends that I'm
aware of:

*) Aspell
*) Myspell
*) Ispell
*) AppleSpell
*) Hspell
*) Uspell

What's new?

The mundane:
A few mem leaks have been plugged
A few corner-cases have been ironed out underneath the

Ability to get the list of supported languages
A few APIs have been deprecated

"Odd" language/locale combinations like en_US.UTF-8
and en_GB@euro will no longer confuse Enchant.

As always, the public-facing interface has been kept
API/ABI compatible. Applications consuming Enchant's
API won't notice any difference.


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