Re: All cheer for Martin!

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Date: Sat Mar 12 2005 - 04:02:20 CET

> As I missed the 2000 commits barrier (sorry!), let's thank Martin at the
> 2100 checkins barrier:
> Martin: Thanks a lot for all your great work you've been doing over the
> past few years. Without a doubt, if you wouldn't have joined the project
> back in the summer of 1999, AbiWord would not even be _close_ to where
> it is today.
> I truely hope you will keep committed to this project, as we would have
> a really hard time to continue hacking at the pace you are doing now.
> Rock on, all the best,
> Marc Maurer

Woo Hoo! I'm Number 1! I've finally passed Dom and I didn't notice :-)

Thanks for your kind words Marc.

As much I enjoy having got the number 1 committer spot from Dom it's
absolutely clear that AbiWord is a fantastic team effort. It's just so
much *fun* to hack on AbiWord I can't imagine ever stopping.

It's fun because I get be creative. It's fun because you lot are such
great company. It's fun because we really are building the best damn
Writing Tool on the planet. See
(Thanks for the link Alan and congratulations FJF and Hub!). It's fun
because our little Abi crowd are beating multi-billion dollar companies at
their own game :-)

So we're all doing the right things. Lets keep on doing them.

Rock on everyone!


I also want to say how *much* I value everyone who has worked on AbiWord.
I have no intention of giving up on it's develop
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