RE: Commit (HEAD): Update win32 image dialog w/ tight-wrap options

From: Dom Lachowicz <>
Date: Mon Mar 07 2005 - 20:48:15 CET

> Hey, I have no objection to moving to GnomePrint for
> the Unix version...but
> are you sure that it "does the right thing" with
> alpha channels printed to
> PS??

I'm 100% positive that it behaves correctly. I
implemented their PDF version of same.

> Also, how are you going to address this on other
> platforms (eg Windows)?
> You still need to deal with the creation of a
> clipping path and application
> of same over there...

Our Windows folk can figure that out at their own
pace. They need to come up with some way to display
RGBA images to HDCs anyway, and that's been lacking in
AbiWord since its inception (6+ years now). The short
story is that I'm not holding my breath.

But your last email almost sounded like you were


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