2.4 feature list

From: Tomas Frydrych <tomasfrydrych_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Sat Jan 08 2005 - 19:33:04 CET

The following are feature suggestions I have received. I organised these
into three categories.

PLEASE, when commenting on the suggestions, for the sake of clarity
let's do so in a separate thread for each feature, or features that are
mutually dependent, and please use a meaningful subject line.

I would like a final version of this list to be agreed by Jan 15.


---------------------- proposed 2.4 feature list ---------------------

A. Framework Changes
1. EndBlock struxes (Martin)
2. Double units (Uwog)
3. Tables as first elements in sections (Martin)
4. Native cut & paste (Hub)
5. UnitTest framework & RegressionTest framework and subsequent
switching to libstdc++ (Hub)
6. Preferences reworking (fjf)
7. Ability to save native jpg in AW files (fjf).

B. New User-Visible Features
1. Grammar checker framework. Develop a framework that prospective
grammar checkers can interface to as a plugin. The idea is to leave the
grammar checking to some CS Ph.D. and just easily interface to it. (Martin)

2. MathML as a plugin leaving the support code in abiword benignly
compilable on all platforms. (Martin)

3. Table improvements: sort rows and columns in tables. Repeat a table
rows as a heading on subsequent pages for tables that span multiple
pages. (Martin)

4. True resizable SVG support (at least for gtk); if gnome-print is not
ready to print these just dump a bitmap to the printer. (Martin)

5. Inkscape plugin for svg image editting ala the AbiGimp plugin. (Martin)

6. Pango Graphics for *nix (Tomas)
7. Update of WP importer to libwpd-0-8 (Uwog, Wlach)
8. Implementation of enh. 515 (Uwog)

C. Bugfixes Requiring Significant Amount of Code
1. Import positioned images from MS Word. (Martin)
2. Merge Documents reimplementation (Tomas)
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