Re: Blue square squiggles for grammar checking?

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Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 14:12:13 CET

> Hi Martin,
>> I'm actually thinking of alternating squiggle shapes and colours over
>> the regions of incorrect grammar. ie A sentence with incorrect grammar
>> often contains valid word sequences, but the combination of these word
>> sequences don't combine to form a proper sentence. I'm hoping that
>> highlighting these different regions will help users determine what went
>> wrong and to correct the mistake.
> Hm. My instinct would be to keep it simple. A person who can memorize
> the significance of different squiggle shapes can probably work out what
> the problem with the sentence is, and person who cannot work out what
> the problem is, probably cannot fix it anyway. Does not the checker
> provide a more verbose messages indicating the problem that could be
> displayed in the context menu? (Word offers suggestions just like the
> spell checker does, or where it cannot give a suggestion it gives a
> description of the problem, i.e., it says 'Fragment: revise')

There are some of these suggestions in the knowledge base but I haven't
worked out how to access them yet.

My overall feel is that link-grammar currently offers far less in the way
of helpful suggestions.

I think it might be possible to work out exactly which grammatical rule is
violated but offering correct suggestions from the context of the sentence
will require a whole extra level of AI expertise.

So I suspect we really need a lot of help to offer anything like MS Word's


> Tomas
>> I'm very much still experimenting right now.
>> Martin
>>>- Alan.
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