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Thank you.

So far I was not able to make AbiCommand to work with most of commands. Only
the 'converttotext' worked.

I experimented with using Xvfb instead of normal display and it made
conversion about 3 to 4 seconds faster - from about 9 seconds down to about
4 seconds.

Basically I don't have access to this server, I don't see what's going on on
the screen, no monitor is connected to it anyway, so by using a virtual
display of just 1x1 size the abiword launches extremely fast. Still, it's
not a server mode, but it's pretty fast now.

Actually most of the 'conversion' to html time is spend by extracting images
from ms word (if any images are embedded)

If there are not embedded images, then conversion takes about 1 to 2
seconds, which is great!

That's another thing I don't undestand - why abiword is converting enbedded
jpg image to png format. I know it's using the wvWare for opening msword and
extracting images. But if I use wvWare as a standalone program, it does not
convert jpeg to png, which is just an extra work and totally unnecessary. I
mean if the original jpg is about 500K, then after conversion it becomes
about 1.5 MEGS

Just does not make sense.

It's really a bad idea! Not a bug, but just a bad idea!

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> Subject: Need help with AbiCommand
> This is probably a question for developers list.
> Hello~
> I have just installed abiword on the linux server that I have at a
> webhosting company. I installed everything using just ssh, I don't have
> access to GUI or a monitor on that server.
> The reason I installed it is because I want to be able to convert MS
> documents to HTML. I tried the wvware before, it's OK but does not
> font face and font size.
> Abiword is doing a better job at converting to HTML.
> Anyway, I tried abiword --to=html file.doc
> It worked well, I am getting a high quality html document; however it
> about 7 to 10 seconds to convert a simple short document.
> I think it's because the program must be launched every time. I think it

Quick answer ...

There is definately a 'server mode' for automated conversion of many
documents and it designed to be exactly what you are looking for.

(I'm on dialup < 56k otherwise I'd make an effort to provide more details
but knowing it exists should be enough to get you started. If you cannot
find it some one else may be able to help you futher.)

- Alan
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