Unix font manager

From: Tomas Frydrych <tomasfrydrych_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Sat Dec 10 2005 - 12:06:26 CET

Working on the Pango stuff, I have run into difficulties with the Unix
font manager; the font manager dispenses instances of XAP_UnixFont,
which happen to be unrelated to the GR_Font, and consequenly having no
relationship to the GR_UnixPangoFont. I need to change the Unix font
manager quite a bit to avoid caching large amounts of font data that
with the Pango graphics is not used for anything other than filling up
the font combos with font names.

I recall that earlier this year we had a conversation on IRC regarding
having an xp font manager class, and it seems to me that this would be a
good opportunity to do that. Any takers?


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