Re: 2.4 release cycle

From: Tomas Frydrych <>
Date: Wed Apr 20 2005 - 08:38:48 CEST

Martin Sevior wrote:
> OK Tomas, as agreed I'll stop working on new features. I'll #if DEBUG
> the two remaining table features I was going to implement (sort
> cols/rows and repeating headings).

My main concerns is that there would be no more changes to the layout
engine and no API changes; what I fear most is code that cannot be
easily disabled should we find a major, hard-to-fix bug in at the last
moment. I suspect that the 'repeat headings' falls into the layout
engine category, while the sort cols/rows is mostly about manipulating
the PT. If the latter is close to being finished, I would say just go
and finish it; the former is probably best left for later as suggested.

> So Windows and OSX developers please concentrate on building linkgrammar
> for your platforms. Once Luca does a new GtkMathView release Windows and
> OSX developers should get that built for their platforms too. The build
> of GtkMathView we need for AbiWord should only depend on libxml2.

As much as I would like linkgrammar on win32 ready for the release, what
we really need to tackle with utmost urgency is the printing bugs, and
that is what I expect to be working on in the coming weeks. It would be
best if someone else would take linkrammar win32 under their wings; any
volunteers among the volunteers?

> I've also been thinking of doing a 2.3.0 release.

Well, we can call the end of April release 2.3.0.

> I think we can get a
> pretty good build in a couple of weeks. I use CVS HEAD for my day to day
> needs and it basically works already.

Yes, I think this time we have manage to maintain decent levelel of
stability throught the development, which I am very pleased about.

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