Re: [PATCH] Document Icons for Mac OS X

From: Francis James Franklin <>
Date: Sat Oct 30 2004 - 13:49:53 CEST

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for these. :-)
I've committed them, but I think the scaling could be better.


On 29 Oct 2004, at 05:25, Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> I've uploaded these to my web page, since they're nice transparent PNG
> files. FJF: These are the 128 px square ones, let me know how they
> scale. If need be, I can process the drop shadows onto some smaller
> scale exports from my SVG.
> I've included not only an icon for ".abw" files, but a "SAVED" one
> (rescue-themed) and "BAK" one (backup/duplicate-themed). All can join
> in the fun of viewing these even without OS X.
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