Re: The road to 2.2.

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sun Mar 28 2004 - 10:52:56 EST

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    Hi guys,

    Hate to be a spoiler, but this list is too ambitious.

    > 4. Import (X)HMTL to the quality we export it.

    I estimate that to do this remotely correctly, it will
    take at least 1 man year. This is also not a
    highly-requested item.

    > 6. Implement a GNOME-Office feature request for
    > external apps to easily
    > find and manipulate segments on AbiWord documents.

    One of these guys want a so that he can
    manipulate documents in a Glade-like fashion, instead
    of generating static reports. Further, this guy's app
    is a GTK 1.2 app that won't have another release for
    about 1 year. He's up to his eyeballs in work and this
    is not a priority for him. I don't see why this should
    be a priority for us.

    > a. Pango-based complex text graphics class.

    This would be nice. I'll look into its feasibility.

    > b. Tables in Headers/Footers (though we hear few
    > complaints about this)

    Heh. Haven't seen bugzilla lately, eh? :)

    > d. Maths support.

    Another man-year.

    > e. native SVG support.

    Depends on what you'd call native...

    > plus lots more....

    besides the obvious:

    > Of course we must also fix lots of bugs with our
    > current feature set too.

    Even if 6 of us worked 60-hour weeks on this laundry
    list, we wouldn't have AbiWord 2.2 until this time
    next year - at the earliest. I'd encourage a healthy
    amount of pragmatism and some adherence to a
    time-based release system.

    Best regards,

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