Re: How to import text boxes from MS Word.

Date: Sun Mar 21 2004 - 05:27:14 EST

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    > Hi!
    > Am Sa, den 20.03.2004 schrieb um 18:29:
    >> *sigh* This is clearly going to be hard work. Ximian have very nicely
    >> put
    >> the source code of OOo in a nice easy to browse form. After some search
    >> I
    >> believe I have found the relevant parts of the code for MSWord import.
    >> However much of the helpful comments and debug prints are in German...
    >> See Here.
    > I could help you there, translating the comments in english.
    > Just tell me what you want to know.

    Thanks Christian,

    I think we'll need a lot of help. To start with could you translate here

    From lines: 738 - 1467

    I guess there is about 50 comments over those lines. We might be able to
    work out what we from them.


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