How to import text boxes from MS Word.

Date: Sat Mar 20 2004 - 06:09:08 EST

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    Hi Tomas,
              I would really like to get Text Boxes imported from MS Word.
    From reading the docs and scanning the wv code it appears that
    the process is very similar to that for importing
    footnotes/endnotes. There is a seperate set of tables that hold
    the text outside the main stream of the document flow. It alos
    appears that wv can recognize them and makes them available.

    However I don't understand your code that does the footnote/ednote
    imports. I think that importing text boxes will be very similar,
    especially since the RTF import of text boxes is a pretty good match to
    our piecetable - much like footnotes/endnotes is.

    Anyway, any help you can give me to get text boxes imported from MS Word
    would be most appreciated :-)



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