Commit (HEAD): Psion exporter enhancements

From: Frodo Looijaard (
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 15:46:23 EST

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    (Frodo) Updates to the Psion exporter
    You still need psiconv-0.9.4 to build the Psion importer/exporter; you
    can get it from or from
    Note that AbiWord CVS has psiconv-0.8.3 plus enhancements, and it will not
    work. Configure will detect whether you can build the module.

    Changes and enhancements in this commit (exporter):
      * Support for headers and footers
      * Made a lot of class data private
      * Update of source-code comments
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    CVS: xp/ie_exp_Psion.cpp xp/ie_exp_Psion.h

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