Branches and translation (was Re: Breton string update for AbiWord 2.0.5)

From: Mark Gilbert (
Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 14:41:20 EST

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    On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 07:34, KAD - Korvigello¨ An Drouizig wrote:
    > Hi Mark,
    > Pardon my ignorance, what is exaclty the difference between the 2
    > development branchs ?

    HEAD is the main development area. It is the first to receive all new
    (potentially volatile) and untested features, and is frequently unusable
    because of this volatility, but it is what becomes the next major
    release (currently HEAD is what will become 2.2).
    STABLE, currently ABI-2-0-0-STABLE, is a branch off of HEAD from before
    the first 2.0 release that is restricted to bugfixes and well tested
    features. It should always be usable (hence the name STABLE), and is
    what will become future 2.0.x releases.

    > I would say the file suits both but I am not sure,

    It should. As long as the meaning of certain strings hasn't changed in
    HEAD (and I can't think of any reason it would), there should be no
    problem with using new strings with an old release. The strings present
    in the new release should simply be ignored. The only problem would be
    if strings intended for 2.0 were used to replace already updated strings
    in HEAD, because it could potentially undo prior work, removing the
    translation of anything that wasn't present in the old release.

    So if you (or anyone else helping translate your language) translate 2.0
    and HEAD separately (which most maintaining translators do) or only do
    2.0, then it is important that they not be mixed up, especially that 2.0
    not replace HEAD.

    Best regards

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