Re: commit (head): justification fixes

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 03:40:37 EST

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    > This really scares me. We're currently going through another bought
    > of major instablitlies as you do your thing with the new graphics
    > classes.
    > I don't mind this because it buys as a lot of extra functionality
    > in the long run.

    Just to explain the nature of the present changes: this contains very
    few, if any, algorithmic changes; it is mostly about moving existing
    code out of fp_TextRun and fl_BlockLayout into the xp graphics class.
    I am working on fixing any bugs I have introduced in the process.

    > Before you attempt more rewrites, please get us back to where we
    > were before the latest graphics class rewrites occurred.
    > Secondly please reassure us you'll see any changes you make
    > through until it all works again. I probabally caused a lot of the
    > ugly code you in those methods and classes as I tried to make 2.0
    > usable around this time last year.

    I am not planing to rewrite the line-breaking algorithm at present,
    if that is what gave you the fright; I merely want to point out that
    it should go on somewhere high on the TODO list (I think it needs to
    be done before we turn head into stable).


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