Re: Serious issues with abiword on windows using non-standard typefaces

From: Marc Maurer (
Date: Sun Mar 14 2004 - 19:38:08 EST

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    Hi Marv,


    > OK. This is a lot of talk, but no action. One of my home boxes is
    > running Linux. I am setting it up as a development environment. And I
    > hope I can find enough midnite hours to make some contributions. I
    > will continue to QA on Windows for the reasons above.

    We certainly could use some extra developers!

    > I really apologize .

    Apology accepted :) No harm done...

    > And this is also a plea for help. I want to
    > contribute, but as yet, I have not even begun to find my way in. Like I
    > said, I have the qualifications to help. So please accept my apology and
    > give me any pointers you can.

    For a start, you need to get the cvs version. Short (linux) tutorial:

    cvs login

    <password is "anoncvs">

    Then get the source:

    mkdir abi-root
    cd abi-root
    cvs -z3 co abi abidistfiles wv

    after that, do the following to build:

    cd ./abi
    ./ && ./configure && make && make install

    you can pass --enable-debug to configure to create a debug build if you
    like. That should get you started!

    > Are there any diagrams of the internal
    > architecture? I am sure the Doxygen stuff is great after you know your
    > way around, but I am guessing which classes are important and which are
    > not critical.

    The internal arch is not really documented (which we should quickly improve), but if you want to fix or hack a particular issue, just ask us, and we'll point to the right classes. If you join IRC as well (, channel #abiword) replies will be even faster).

    If you have any further questions, please feel very free to ask.


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