Re: Updates for AbiWord Manual: Does someone want to commit these?

From: Ryan Pavlik (
Date: Sat Mar 13 2004 - 22:42:23 EST

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    Alan Horkan wrote:

    >On Fri, 12 Mar 2004, Mark Gilbert wrote:
    >>Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 21:59:29 -0500
    >>From: Mark Gilbert <>
    >>To: Ryan Pavlik <>
    >>Cc: AbiWord Developers <>
    >>Subject: Re: Updates for AbiWord Manual: Does someone want to commit
    >> these?
    >>I'll take this.
    >>On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 20:37, Ryan Pavlik wrote:
    >>>Hello there! Prompted by a message on the user list, and some talk in
    >>>the channel, I've gotten to work updating the manual for 2.2. Attached
    >>>Changed in this update:
    >>>Partially rewritten opening page introductions for additionally
    >>>confident sound, a little more professional, maybe, as well as updates
    >>>since original authorship.
    >>>Corrected spelling and grammar errors
    >>converting from en_GB to en_US eh? (-: Those Brits know nothing about
    >>English! (just being facetious)
    >To put things as logically as I possibly can hopefully in a way that makes
    >sense to programmers: Websters American dictionary considers spellings for
    >words such as colour and color both to be valid, British dictionaries only
    >consider the word colour to be valid. Better to use the standard
    >considered valid by both than to have to do things twice.
    >Please avoid "correcting" spellings that are already correct. Standard
    >English should be used as much as possible to avoid the need for
    >duplication of effort and different localised versions.
    >/me wished he had never needed to do a Standard English localisation of
    >-- Alan
    Jeepers, of all the things that I did (rewriting stuff, etc), I didn't
    think that me changing languages to en_US so that what I see as the
    standard target for the en_US documentation wouldn't see an error
    message about no en_GB dictionary or squiggly lines everywhere would be
    the most controversial part. :)

    I did this for entirely selfish reasons: Since I'm in en_US, and I'm
    editing the en_US manual (thanks to FJF for pointing that out :) ), and
    I don't have the en_GB dictionary installed, I simply switched the
    entire document over to en_US and spellchecked. There are still a few
    things that the spellchecker doesn't like ("Toolbars" anyone?) but I'm
    hoping that on the whole, I'm improving, rather than decreasing, the
    quality of the documentation.

    I presume when you say standard English to mean GB spellings, ie, with
    the OU and S's everywhere. :) I'll see what I can do, but keep in mind
    that seeing red underlines send me into a panic. I may need to make my
    own stinkin' dictionary, that's Standard English and tech-aware (No,
    toolbars doesn't need to be hyphenated).

    This is quite a change for me, being a topic of conversation! Odd
    feeling, really.



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