Re: Updates for AbiWord Manual: Does someone want to commit these?

From: Mark Gilbert (
Date: Fri Mar 12 2004 - 21:59:29 EST

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    I'll take this.

    On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 20:37, Ryan Pavlik wrote:
    > Hello there! Prompted by a message on the user list, and some talk in
    > the channel, I've gotten to work updating the manual for 2.2. Attached

    And I am getting to work fixing the website.

    > is a diff for several of the ABW files in the Abiword-docs module. I
    > did not update the .INFO files, because I do not know the format.

    k...I think it's pretty self explanatory but that's fine, IŽll check it
    before commit.

    > Furthermore, I did not know if I was supposed to run the generation


    > scripts, and which ones I should run, if any. However, I did figure
    > that the originals are in the ABW files.

    That takes some people much longer (-:

    > Changed in this update:
    > Partially rewritten opening page introductions for additionally
    > confident sound, a little more professional, maybe, as well as updates
    > since original authorship.
    > Corrected spelling and grammar errors

    converting from en_GB to en_US eh? (-: Those Brits know nothing about
    English! (just being facetious)

    > I have some questions, too.
    > Should I be running those scripts, and if so, which ones?

    You can run them to preview your work but otherwise it doesnt really
    matter since we just commit the abws.

    > Do I need to do anything special to add another file (say to the
    > tutorial, or feature set) and make it include in the generations?

    No but you need to make sure the docs are linked up thoroughly (which
    you've probably already seen).

    Isn't there a HOWTODOC or something in there?

    > Should I update the screenshots used in the tutorials and UI guides?

    If something changed it couldn't hurt.

    > Hope this helps!

    Contributions appreciated as always, I'll try to get this committed


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