Re: commit: Folding text within lists.

Date: Fri Mar 12 2004 - 09:13:14 EST

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    >> The new dialog requires some new virtual methods in
    >> the platform code.
    >> I've typed these with Asserts in the body of the
    >> code. Platform
    >> maintainers for win32, qnx and Cocoa should
    >> implement these. Sorry if I've
    >> broken your builds.
    > Shouldn't these be radio buttons and not checkboxes?
    > They look like mutually exclusive options.
    > Sorry to nitpick,

    They are mutally exclusive. I just do the mutually exclusiveness by hand.
    I thought the check boxes look nicer. I know the dialog is out of
    proportion too. Hopefully uwog or some other HIG expert will correct it
    for me.



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