Re: Commit (STABLE) Re: commit (HEAD): fix win32 cursor displacement

From: Ryan Pavlik (
Date: Sun Mar 07 2004 - 17:28:17 EST

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    Marc Maurer wrote:

    > Some win32 user/devver, please test, I can't verify it myself right now.
    > Marc
    > Backport: fix caret positioning (Tomas)


    > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Op do 29-01-2004, om 19:08 schreef Tomas Frydrych:
    >> fixes mismatch between position of cursor and characters on win32
    >> (cannot recall the bug # just now) and needs to be backported. (For
    >> some reason this only effected NT, hence it took so long to deal with).
    >> file: gr_Win32Graphics.cpp, gr_Win32CharWidths.cpp
    >> Tomas
    Well, it appears to fix one part of the problem partially, at least the
    caret positioning mainly (it's better for sure, but not perfect), but
    selection by clicking and dragging still is all nasty on windows. Could
    be because there's something fundamentally funky that's causing all the
    text to extend beyond the edge margin visually. Therefore, clicking on
    the far right edge puts the cursor visually right about where the margin
    from the ruler is, but there is a whole bunch of text (about 7
    characters on my system) beyond that point. The caret behaves as if it
    is logically at the end of the text shown at that line, even though it's
    past margin. It's still a bit odd, sadly. Better, but not fixed.

    I tested this on Stable2, as my head build presently doesn't (didn't at
    time of composition of email) build.

    Hope this helps!


    (PS. Darn ISP. I tried to send this about a week ago, before 2.0.4)

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