Re: Paper size

Date: Sun Mar 07 2004 - 07:03:39 EST

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    > On Sun, 7 Mar 2004 wrote:
    >> > How the <bleep> do I set the default paper size to something other
    >> than
    >> > A4? I tried the "normal.awt" thing and that doesn't work even though
    >> the
    >> > normal.awt file does exist and has the correct setting. There is no
    >> option
    >> > appearing in any obvious dialogue to change this setting. Nor can I
    >> find
    >> > anything to RTFM that helps at all. Should this not be an option under
    >> > Tools -> Options -> Layout?
    >> >
    >> > I'm using version 2.0.4.
    >> >
    >> If you choose the menu...
    >> File->Page Setup
    >> Open a nice dialog where you can set the page size, orientation and
    >> margins to anything you want.
    >> We copied Ms Word here. Maybe it should be in layout too.
    > You will note that I said "default". As in I don't want to have to make
    > that change in every single document I create. I had no trouble finding
    > the setting for the current document (even though I find the location
    > under the "File" menu to be illogical). I just cannot get the setting to
    > persist to new documents. I would expect the default setting to be under
    > Tools -> Preferences -> Layout, and, in fact, I ran across a document
    > somewhere that indicated that there was a setting for default paper size
    > there. But either it isn't there or I cannot read.

    After you set your page size, save the file as a template and load the
    template on start up. I don't think we got around to specifying a default
    template in the preferences. It would make sense to me if we did that.
    I'll CC the dev list and see if there is a reason we didn't or if it just
    slipped through the cracks.

    In any case you can overwrite the default startup template stored in
    /usr/share/AbiSuite-2.0/templates. There is whole list of different
    default templates which match different Locale environments.



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