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Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 12:46:20 EST

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    Comments inline.

    On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 16:11, wrote:
    > > o Shouldn't the fill style and display style fields be option menus
    > > instead of text fields?
    > I don't think so. There are well over 30 styles built into AbiWord
    > already. Now that we have expandable tree menu's via the stylist dialog I
    > think we should use them. Also the Stylist dialog will have the ability to
    > create new styles.
    > The "change" button brings up the stylist dialog from which the user can
    > pick what they want.
    > Wel that was my initial idea. However this does mean we have cascading
    > dialogs here, which as Dom oints out, isn't really in the spirit of the
    > HIG.
    > We continually faced with balancing ease of use for some people with
    > providing powerful features to others.
    > I'm not an expert on UI and will happily [entertain] other points of view.

    I think the cascading dialogue is meritted in this instance. As long as
    it is (tries to think of the correct term) modal, we should be ok.

    > > o What is 'fill style' and it's difference from the display style?
    > The TOC gets filed with user-selectable styles. eg "Heading 1" or "Figure
    > 1" or "My Cool Heading Style"

    Ah what did you think of 2b; which is a different approach to this?

    > > o Should the indent also have an option of being either absolute or
    > > relative to previous level?
    > The left indent is a property of the "display style" so can be anything
    > the user desires. The "indent" show in my original dialog is the indent of
    > the page number on the right side of dialog.

    Ahhhh... in that case it needs naming more explicitly. Now I know what
    it is, I can better account for it.

    > In retrospect, this could be a property of the style too but it is
    > convient to have a single control in the dialog to adjust it.


    > More comments later. Thanks for your work on this Charlie.

    Np, I hope you liked it. ;)

    - Charlie

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