Re: 2.1.3 uploaded

From: Marc Maurer <>
Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 17:23:06 CEST

> The SPEC file has a typo in the in the dependency. You ask for
> gtk-2.4.2 as a dependency. I'm sure this is wrong. I believe it should
> be gtk-2.2.4.

Actually, it's > Gtk 2.2.0

> Also could you also please build the AbiCommand plugin for SUSE? The
> beagle author is interested in using AbiWord to index users desktop
> files. For this to work he needs AbiCommand.

Ah great, I suggested him to do that on ... with the
SDK in place, he should have a nice example on how to do that...


Marc Maurer <>
Received on Tue Jun 29 17:10:41 2004

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