Re: Abiword copyright issue

From: Jordi Mas <>
Date: Sun Jun 20 2004 - 21:17:40 CEST

En/na Dom Lachowicz ha escrit:
> Jordi,
> You may or may not know that I now "own" the AbiWord
> trademarks and copyrights originally held by
> SourceGear.
> It is true that I don't own all the copyrights, though
> I probably own a majority of them. Since the
> SourceGear work was done as "work for hire", I now own
> Paul's, Jeff's, Bob's, Eric's, ... claims of
> copyright.

I did not know this.

> It is not legally wrong (or "plain wrong"...) to say
> that I, amongst other people, maintain copyrights on
> the AbiWord source. If it said, "Copyright Jordi Mas
> and others" it would still be legally correct and
> factually correct.

You are right.

> I am fine with changing the copyright message to the
> following:
> "Copyright (c) 1998-2004, the AbiSource community"
> I do, however, solely own the AbiWord trademarks. The
> "About" dialog and the webpage should mention that.
> "AbiSource, AbiSuite, and AbiWord are trademarks of
> Dom Lachowicz. All other product names, company names,
> or logos cited herein are property of their respective
> owners."

I fully agree with this formula and I think that reflects much better the reality.

Best Regards,

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