Re: Commit (HEAD): Always rezoom on resize during Page Width/Whole Page zoom

From: Marc Maurer <>
Date: Tue Jun 01 2004 - 02:34:19 CEST

Very very neato*!

1 observation: every time you resize when in Page Width mode, the view
is redrawn *twice* (afaict in a quick look). Not saying you introduced
it (prolly not), but we could speedup it even further..

yay, rocks


*) not to be confused with Zenny's Neato

Op di 01-06-2004, om 02:10 schreef Mikey Cooper:
> Change zoom level in Page With and Whole Page regardless of variance.
> When calculating a new zoom for Page Width zoom, we'd only rezoom if the difference between the old zoom and new zoom was greater than 3%. For Whole Page, only if greater than 10%. This led to us often not showing the entire page width/height when zooming. We now zoom regardless of the difference.
> CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> CVS: Modified Files:
> CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fv_View.cpp
> CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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