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Date: Fri Feb 27 2004 - 19:19:18 EST

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    I know they're the evil empire etcetera, but have you looked at how this
    TOC dialogue is done in MS Word? It's done fairly well.

    The main TOC dialogue simply asks what you wish to form the TOC (Heading
    1, Heading 2, Heading 4, etc, all selected from the list of in-use
    styles for the document). Then there's an _additional_ dialogue or two
    to handle the formatting.

    What I saw looking through the previous thread (which I would have
    replied to if I'd been subscribed to the list before) were big, clumsy,
    and intimidating.

    The first dialogue should be simple; selecting what constitues the TOC
    and a preview of it's appearance. Then there should be an additional
    dialogue, activated by a 'Select Style' button which presents a list of
    prefabricated TOC styles.

    >From there on it's a bit more hazy on how to Do It Right (tm). But I
    can tell you for a fact that the current proposals are completely wrong
    - having just finished a 2 week MS Office training session with some
    farmer-lady, I know for a fact that the dialogues you've suggested would
    make her faint. (Yeah yeah, she taught me a lot.)

    I'm just installing glade so I can do a mockup of sorts.

    - Charlie

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