Re: GNOME Office Web Site

From: Oliver Burnett-Hall (
Date: Wed Feb 04 2004 - 17:37:04 EST

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    On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 15:49, Nelson Ferraz wrote:
    > It is possible to develop an entire web site using TWiki. You can
    > improve the layout using CSS and skins.

    The problem (well, my problem anyway) with wikis is that they tend to
    look terrible. I always find that they're full of spelling and grammar
    mistakes and they're almost never valid HTML.

    Also for a site for GNOME Office I don't think we'd get enough
    contributors to make a wiki work. Maybe we would for FAQ/support type
    pages like Ryan suggested, but a large part of the site should be
    attempting to sell GNOME Office and I can't see any benefits from doing
    this as a wiki instead of static.

    - olly

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