Re: commit: stylist dialog box localisation fixes

From: Mikey Cooper <>
Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 21:58:22 CET

Mark Gilbert wrote:

>I already looked into this yesterday, actually, and TVS_SINGLEEXPAND is
>no less defined in w32api than TVS_SHOWSELALWAYS or any of those other
>control style macros. Has been for years.
>I tried copying the define to 1024; that made the syntax error go away
>but the binary crashed with a null dereference on startup.
>>Ultimately, this is a bug in MingW and should be filed in their
>>bugzilla. The incompleteness of the MingW include files is a problem;
>>the TVS_SINGLEEXPAND message has been part of the win32 API since MSIE
>>4.0 was released, i.e., the the MingW include files are behind by years.
>>(I have voiced my unease about using MingW to build the official
>>binaries before, this just adds to it.)
I believe this may be related to us trying to maintain backwards
compatibility with vanilla Win95. TVS_SINGLEEXPAND is only defined in
the MinGW headers (and presumably the MSVC headers as well) when
targetting IE4.0 and greater. Still looking into it, but someone else
may have more insight into this. It can be found in /mingw/commctrl.h.
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