Re: CocoaAbi 2.2.1 ('It ain't perfect, but what you gonna do...') upon SourceForge

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Date: Tue Dec 07 2004 - 13:51:25 CET

> On Sun, 5 Dec 2004, Francis James Franklin wrote:
>> Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 23:11:19 +0000
>> From: Francis James Franklin <>
>> To: AbiWord Dev list <>
>> Subject: Re: CocoaAbi 2.2.1 ('It ain't perfect,
>> but what you gonna do...') up on SourceForge
>> On 5 Dec 2004, at 23:05, wrote:
>> > Should we SPAM MAC sites now?
>> Eek! Please don't! :-)
>> I'd like to clear some of the flood of new bugs following the /.
>> announcement...
> The criticism on slashdot was (by slashdot standards) reasonably well
> intentioned but there was loads of nit-picking and hardcore Mac users
> aren't going to be overly impressed. A few well chosen words by FJF
> about it being a work in progress would make a huge difference to any
> release announcement.
> If you do post to Mac websites you would want to tone down the language
> and try to manage expectations. I would try to emphasis that this is the
> first official release of Abiword for the Mac (it is, isn't it?) and to
> include concilliatory language to the effect that we (or to be more
> accurate FJF) are aware that certain areas need polish and may not work as
> perfectly as Mac users might expect.
> I fear that since it is out of the bag and on slashdot already it will
> probably be picked up soon by Mac websites without our help so I wouldn't
> leave it too long (did a quick search of some mac sites and used google
> news, didn't see anything yet)

Well if FJF thinks the OSX port is going to be rapidly improved I think we
should hold off for a while.

At some point however should advertise it as widely as possible. We're
never going to be perfect and we'll always have bugs. Never-the-less, we
have very useful program for OSX users and we've got strong interest from
them. We're one of the very few sophisticated native Free Software
programs for OSX.

So lets not hold-off too long before we "advertise" as widely as possible.


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