Re: Help needed from Abiword developers

From: <>
Date: Sat Aug 14 2004 - 07:52:29 CEST

> Hi people, As I think I posted to this list earlier - we are using Abiword
> in a new ARM-based device with an 800x600 touchscreen. It's aimed at
> 'average' users, so we're doing a lot of UI work to make things as
> idiot-proof as possible, and familiar to people who normally use Windows
> all day.
> Things are going quite well, but we have a number of showstopper bugs in
> Abiword which we haven't got enough resource to fix.
> We need help from you guys. Anyone who has some significant time to do
> some
> debugging on the following over the next week or two would be eligible for
> real folding cash in exchange :-)
> These are the most egregious bugs we've currently got:
> 1) Speed. Abiword scrolls very slowly. Is there anything that can be done
> to improve this? If you hold down a cursor key to get to a particular line
> abi can then spend another 20 seocnds scrolling miles past where you
> wanted
> to get to. Some changes to make it throw away extra cursor keys it doesn't
> have time to deal with whilst scrolling would be a huge improvement.

OK I've dug up the bonasi query you want..

This gave a substantial speed up the scrolling on CVS HEAD.

Look for the fix for bug7148.

For another speed up turn off "smooth scrolling" which just blits the on
screen image by 1 pixel in a "for" loop.

Just do scroll by the size of the expose instead.


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