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From: Ryan Pavlik (
Date: Mon Apr 26 2004 - 21:24:25 EDT

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    E. A. Zen wrote:

    > Direct word from ME from Sandollar from 20th Cent. from FOX states
    > that long running series, "AbiWord Weekly News" has been cancelled
    > due to low veiwership in the past four weeks, when the series was on
    > hiatus.
    > WB suggested it would be interested in picking up 'AWN', as online
    > fans call it; however, due to the serial nature of the programme, and
    > that it has already run for three years, they're only looking at
    > holding for another five because, "Shows that have epic arcs, even if
    > most of it occurs in just a few episodes, tend not to work out well
    > past five years.... Historically, moving shows with complex
    > storylines to another network result in a major viewership loss;
    > something we've witnessed before 'Buffy' [the Vampire Slayer] and
    > 'Roswell'."
    > UPN stated that picking up series from other networks was nolonger on
    > their agenda.
    > ShowTime, however, said, "We love giving all sorts of crap a go for a
    > bit, but we've been cutting back since 'Stargate' (SG-1]."
    > ----
    > Actually, I'm announcing a tit for tat campaign; readers are expected
    > to hire a truck for $385 a day that says, "We'll read the AWN on
    > paper...or at another site...and, we've already read it on
    > paper...." Or, if that's not affordable, I'll start doing one
    > "current" one and one "older" one until is'all caught up. This
    > begins as of next week.
    > -Eric
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    Are you resigning? Are you giving up on the missed ones? Are you doing
    what it says in the last 2 sentences? I'm so confused...

    I read the AWN, and enjoy it muchly! You don't even have to make up the
    missed ones to satisfy me!



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