ATTN: AbiWord 2.1.2 Developement Snapshot Released

From: Marc Maurer (
Date: Sat Apr 24 2004 - 19:55:50 EDT

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    AbiWord v2.1.2 Released

    The AbiWord development team is pleased to announce the release of
    AbiWord v2.1.2. This release is a development snapshot release, and is
    therefore dubbed "unstable". However, if you are interested in what
    AbiWord 2.2 will look like or if you want to give us a hand, we
    encourage you to try out this release.

    A lot of bugfixes have gone into this release since v2.1.1, as well as a
    lot of polishing work. Some of the highlights are:

    * Tables can now be placed in Headers/Footers.
    * Headers/Footers expand to fit their contents.
    * Fantastic new HIG-compliant Preferences dialog with Instant Apply
      in the Unix version (Thanks Manny!).
    * Many, many bugfixes.

    The full changelog can be found at

    Feature Freeze
    As of this release, the current development version of AbiWord has gone
    into a state of so called "Feature Freeze". This means that no new
    features will be added to AbiWord before the 2.2.0 release. Until then,
    our primary focus will be fixing bugs and polishing the interface.
    Therefor, this 2.1.2 release can be seen as an alpha release of what the
    next stable version will look like.

    Big Thanks!
    With this feature freeze in place, we'd like to thank all contributors
    who helped and are still helping getting AbiWord where it is today. The
    amount of people sharing an interest in AbiWord is continually amazing.
    >From lots of people weeding out and contributing to our bugzilla, to
    testers actively looking for AbiWord bugs, to graphic artists and
    interface designers working on improving the professional look and feel
    of AbiWord, to packagers providing users with binary packages of
    AbiWord, and finally to the hackers adding features and squashing bugs,
    it is truly wonderful seeing this seemingly incoherent team working
    together towards this common goal: the next stable series of AbiWord.
    Thanks all, we love you!

    Join the Gang!
    If you feel like contributing to AbiWord in some way or another as well,
    please feel free to join us sometimes on one of our mailing lists or on
    irc (#abiword on As you can read in the previous
    paragraph, you don't need coding skills to help out in one of the many
    aspects involving creating AbiWord, although coders are welcome very
    much indeed as well!

    Main site (US):
    Mirror (EU):

    More information
    Main site (US):
    Mirror (EU):


       The AbiWord Development Team

    Marc Maurer <>

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