Re: AbiWord in the Media!

From: Ryan Pavlik (
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 22:02:37 EDT

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    Marc Maurer wrote:

    >Things are looking bright on the AbiWord Media Attention Front lately:
    >TechTV has aired a nice review on AbiWord, which seems so have sparked
    >quite a noticable increase in user attention. The show was aired
    >04/20/2004, which our webservers already figured out themselves :-P The
    >show will re-air on 04/25/2004, at 11 a.m. Eastern.
    >Show notes:
    >The TechTV review:
    >Our main webserver stats (100.000+ hits increase _daily_)
    >Isn't it lovely ... :)
    >Happy Hacking guys, the world is watching!
    > Marc
    Wow, very cool!

    Checked the stats page, and something struck me as odd. Why are our
    404's so high? I will run a borked link scan tonight if I get a chance.

    Also, may I suggest we try to bust out a quick Stable update (before the
    re-airing, if possible), there have been a handful (if I'm not mistaken)
    of Windows updates, and I'm betting a lot (*coughmostcough*) of TechTV
    viewers run Windows.

    Probably someone leeter than me with CVS can figure out if it's worth
    it. Just an idea.

    (who managed to botch up his Stable checkouts by trying to get a 2-0-0
    stable tagged set of modules..., so now expat dies an irritating death
    during build...)

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