Patch: Update MSVC project files

From: Mikey Cooper (
Date: Wed Apr 14 2004 - 00:30:13 EDT

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    The attached patch fixes the win32 msvc build by including RTFParser* and
    RTFKeyword* files added today. No clue if I did this right or not, but it
    allows Abi to build on my system. I simply added the files to the
    "AbiImpExp files" under FileView in MSVC. Some things I noticed that seemed

    It added and removed dependencies to files in AbiImpExp for files I didn't
    touch. I'm hoping these are just updated dependencies that it noticed while
    re-scanning the files.

    It didn't create a "DEP_CPP_IE_IMP_RT" style entry for ie_imp_RTFParse.cpp
    inside the dsw file. No clue how this affects MSVC, since it still builds
    fine and all the functions show up under the IE_Imp_RTF class in ClassView.

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