Re: Removing unneeded preferences

From: Christian Neumair (
Date: Fri Apr 09 2004 - 04:31:43 EDT

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    On Thu, 2004-04-08 at 13:48 +0200, Christian Neumair wrote:
    > Since I'm currently redesigning the UNIX Preferences dialog, I've come
    > across various preferences that can in my opinion be removed for all
    > platforms. Comments/discussion is appreciated.
    > [...

    The following options haven't been covered by Tomas' reply:

    > even more weird. We do spell-checking but don't show errors. Can't we
    > merge those into one simple enable spellchecking setting?

    > Don't suggest corrections? Why? What's the difference between
    > HIDE_ERRORS and !SPELL_SUGGEST? Does the computer want to tell the user
    > "Hah, I know the right correction, but I'm not going to tell 'ya!"?

    > Spell-check URLs?! Can't we simply be smart about words starting with
    > someprotocol://?

    > do we really need them? On UNIX we have a non-working implementation at
    > the moment and I think one scheme per user should be enough. Keeping
    > around a default profile in each users' profile file seems to be cracky
    > as well. Can't we store it at a central location and merge it into the
    > user's profile at run-time?

    > At least on UNIX, we have a print view. Is this view available on all
    > platforms? Shouldn't this imply whether we show/hide unprintable
    > characters?

    > What means not viewing all? This options is way to vague. It should
    > either be renamed to do something more concrete or removed, if it's just
    > a top-level modifier for _UNPRINTABLE/_HIDDEN_TEXT

    > Can't we merge them? Having a checkbutton and a pushbutton is awkward.
    > I'd prefer to have a reset button either inside the color selection
    > widgets or next to the color selection pushbutton.

    > Branding is nice. Showing a splash as well. Dunno, maybe I'm misguided,
    > having a GUI for it makes me feel strange, though.

    > Not displaying warnings is evil. Why not remove it?

    > Is it CPU expensive?

    > Why shouldn't we load plugins?

    > id_NOTEBOOK

    Could somebody please investigate them?


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