win 2.0.6 build

From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 16:43:26 EST

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    The build will be available later tonight.
    Presently my email situation is screwed up, so for the
    last few days I haven't gotten any (normally I get a
    few hundred a day). Luckily the April archive seems to
    be up now, so I can follow the discussion and do blind

    I don't think my earlier message sent, so what
    templates are not installed on windows?
    The nightly builds are from pristine cvs, so its
    exactly what a release would be like if no additional
    patches are applied prior to building, hence if they
    aren't in the nightly build, they won't be in the
    2.1.1 build or the upcoming 2.1.2 release either.

    [2.1.1 is built, but not all the plugins built, so
     hopefully for 2.1.2 I can get that going; some are
     just I need to update dependency libraries and some
     have been broke for a while and fixing is on my todo list.]
    Anyone know how to get Make to proceed even if one
    component fails to build? Otherwise I'll need to
    figure some other way to build the plugins so if
    one fails to build it doesn't prevent the rest from
    at least attempting to build, and need to commit my
    plugin installer updates that lets the nsis script
    work regardless of what plugins built.]


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