Re: commit: Fix flicker on rulers. Various speed ups for big docs.

Date: Sat Sep 27 2003 - 18:14:42 EDT

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    >> More speed ups later. Now I want to add a method to the graphics class
    >> so that we can (finally) draw on top of images.
    >> This method will fill a rectangle on screen with a rectangle over a
    >> fg_Graphic class.
    > to allow for this, we need to refactor our current drawing methods, and
    > not just patch in new stuff imo. I have an old quote that I would like
    > (to see) implemented:
    > "if a run is transparent, it should ask its parent to draw into the
    > given rectangle, until the parent isn't transparent or the parent ==
    > document"
    > this would solve this issue, as well as stuff like highlighting text in
    > table cells that have a background color set.

    My plan will elegantly do all this. It's something like this idea but we
    have to allow for paragraph shading and borders too, which I think
    requires a new class. fp_BlockContainer. The diea is that
    fp_BlockContainer won't actually do much besides hold the image for the
    shaded lines.

    If you have a different vision you'd better tell me and implement it :-)
    (If you do I'll do Frames next.)

    Otherwise feel free to keep working on Table Of Contents.

    We need this infrastructure in place for Herzi's Presentation Program.



    (Who has decided to go into feature adding mode now.)

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